Deadliest & Most Destructive Earthquakes in the Philippines

I have compiled and created an outline of the 3 earthquakes that showed the destructive element of an earthquake.  Credits shown below.

Moro Gulf Earthquake – August 17, 1976
Location:  Mindanao
Magnitude: 7.9
Time: few minutes before 12 midnight

Number of dead people: Region 9 has 1,440; Region 12 has 3,359
Number of missing people:  Region 9 has 909; Region 12 has 1,379
Number of injured people:  Region 9 has 7,701; Region 12 has 2,227
Number of homeless people:  Region 9 has 49,848; Region 12 has 43,534

Description:  This is the largest tsunamigenic earthquake to have occured in Mindanao in the last 2 decades.  It was said that 85% of deaths, 65% of injuries and 95% of those missing were caused by the tsunami.

Bohol Earthquake – February 8, 1990

Location:  Bohol island
Magnitude: 6.8
Time: 3:15 pm

Number of dead people: 6
Number of injured people:  200+
Number of homeless people:  7,000

Description:  3,000 houses, buildings and churches were affected and damaged, where a total of 182 totally collapsed.  This includes two historical churches built centuries ago.

Luzon Earthquake – July 16, 1990

Location Northern and Central Luzon (Regions I, II, III, and Cordillera Autonomous Region) and part of Southern Luzon
Magnitude: 7.9
Time: 4:26 pm

Number of dead people: 2,412, most coming from Central Luzon and Cordillera
Number of missing people:  321
Number of injured people:  3,513
Number of homeless people:  126,035

Description: There wer 28 building which collapsed in Baguio City, 90 building damaged and 20 others collapsed in Dagupan City.  There were reportedly 23,305 houses which were completely destroyed and 77,249 houses partially damaged.


5 thoughts on “Deadliest & Most Destructive Earthquakes in the Philippines

  1. Thanks for what you have done Ms./Mr. Author.:) You helped me in my project. But, there’s something you forgot. The things that government done in the area where the earthquake happened.:)

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